The 5 Best iOS Selfie Apps

Photo via Stocksnap
Photo via Stocksnap

Selfies are the subject of much discussion and have been linked to everything from boosting your personal brand to being its own art form. As a result, selfie-facilitating apps are more popular than ever. From advanced editing capabilities to add-on graphics and icons, customized snaps of your beautiful face are only a few swipes away. Check out the roundup of five of our favorite selfie apps for your iOS device:

Editing and Touchups

Facetune gives you the power to retouch and edit photos like the professionals with a few simple swipes. Using this app, you can adjust pretty much anything from skin tone and lip shape to reshaping your actual facial features. Experiment with different looks by adding or removing tattoos or piercings, adjusting your eye size and brightness, and hair color. No Photoshop knowledge required!


Tired of floating arms ending up in your selfies? CamMe is a free app that aims to make selfies hands-off by responding to your hand gesture. When you’re ready for your close-up, stand or sit in front of your iPhone’s camera and raise your hand. Once CamMe recognizes it, an icon in the corner of the screen will turn yellow. When you’re ready, close your hand into a fist to activate the app’s timer. You now have three seconds to drop your hand and perfect your posture before the app snaps your photo.
Show the Big Picture

Selfies only tell half the story. Imagine creaking to the top of a 300-foot high roller coaster. Seconds before you drop, snap photos of your face full of excitement and panic AND the drop that’s about to happen using Frontback, which takes two photos simultaneously: one from the rear camera and one from the front. It will give your audience a whole new perspective on what’s happening behind the selfie.

Filters and Add-Ons

If you love all things filters, stickers, and accessories for your photos, download Selfie Cam App right now. Choose from an array of cartoony glasses, pop art, funky hairdos, pop culture icons, and captions to add personal touches to your photos with a dash of humor. Its face detection technology uses your smile to activate the timer, keeping your hands off the screen.

See Yourself Differently

Make your social media profile pictures stand out from the crowd with this unique portrait-creation app. For $10, Fiverr Faces will transform your selfie into a polished illustration. The app partners with talented artists to give you a customized piece of art, with styles ranging from impressionist, pop art, Cubist, and more.

Crafting the perfect selfie is a great way to set yourself apart on the ever-crowded world of social media.  Whether you’re using an iPhone or iPad to snap your selfies, be sure it’s protected with one of our durable cases!

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