40 reviews for Bubbles iPhone 6s/6 case

  1. Sydney (verified owner)

    I just got my 2 cases and while I love the slim design, I just feel like the sides are too low for my taste. I feel a little scared with it sometimes, but otherwise, I really like these cases! I got purple/aqua and peony/Stardust.

  2. Amy Spector (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Cradl. bubbles case for a few weeks and I love it! The first time I dropped my phone was only a day or so after putting the new case on, and when I picked it up off of the ground, there were no marks on either my phone OR the case. It’s also a super durable case that is not only fashionable, but functional – a total win-win!

  3. carol musick

    i love this style-y case! it’s super functional: i can swipe to the edge of the screen, it’s grip-y so it’s easy to text & email. and tho i drop my phone all of the time (without any breaks!) i can’t blame the case for being slippery, i am just rough on my phone. i love that i can enjoy the design of the iphone itself- the screen without a cover and the metal back of the iphone. and i love that it’s low profile over-all, so it slips into my pockets and tiny purse.

  4. Kristi Hayes (verified owner)

    Love the thin case and my phone feels protected.

  5. RAYDA BROOKS (verified owner)

    This case is so pretty and unique! I went from an Otterbox to this one, so I’ve had to get used to the lightness and to my phone being a bit “naked”. I love the feel of the case and the color (red with yellow blocks).
    I do wish the sides were a bit more covered (like the corners, top and bottom are) and it seems like it won’t keep the dirt and dust out (I live in the desert SW, it gets quite dusty here). I haven’t dropped the phone yet so I can’t attest as to its ability to protect the phone. I have a glass screen protector on it so hopefully that will keep it safe along with the case.

  6. Jackie (verified owner)

    I love my new case.. it’s the best I ever had

  7. Rachel Steele

    I truly have never before found a phone case that I liked. I have been annoyed by bulky cases that got in my way, made my buttons work poorly and generally ruined the lovely and slim look of my iphone. My naked phone has been a constant bone of contention between my hubby and I. I got my cradl case which was VERY affordable because I loved the aesthetic of it, it is slim and lightweight and BEAUTIFULLY designed. I got the bubble in purple and lightening and am thinking I need to get one of the cute new valentine sparkle colors. I love the feel of it in my hand and sides being dropped down it does not get in the way when I am working. The texture keeps my phone from sliding off of surfaces and out of my pocket. And SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, it SAVED my phone the other day!!! I dropped it on the concrete sidewalk as I was juggling groceries and my baby in from the car and was certain I had killed it for sure and it was totally FINE! I LOVE MY cradl!!

  8. cthamusick

    lOve the bubbles! lOve the styling! lOve how it protects my iphone 6s which i drop ALL of the time and have had NO damage!!! yay! truly LOve everything about it. i have the snow/storm color scheme (cute!), which i lOve with my white iphone, and i would lOve to have one in reverse color scheme so it would show a little less dirt. (i am a dirty girl!) so having a storm/snow or silvery/snow would look even better in my dirty, creative world. great product! my favorite case ever

  9. Fiona

    I almost never write reviews, so that’ll tell you how much I love this case. I hate bulky cases. Really really hate them. I am always worried ordering “blind” but was really pleased when I got this case. It’s slim where it needs to be – I LOVE that the sides are ultra low so that I can swipe without hinderance. I’ve dropped my phone a bunch of times and not a scratch, dent, or crack on the phone. A few bits of peely silicone (I like the sunburn description) on the corners, but it really doesn’t bother me. It’s grippy enough but not too “sticky” because it doesn’t cover the phone 100%

  10. Stephanie

    Not only is this the least amount of money I have ever spent on a phone case, but also my favorite! I was extremely nervous about the low profiles nature of the case considering I have always chosen bulky cases to combat my frequent, clumsy tendencies. However, I have performed several drop tests now and in conjunction with a fiberglass screen protector, my baby has been quite resilient. I absolutely love the designs, it always such a shame to pick your color combination and then immediately cover it up, so I appreciate the true phone showing through and let me say she feels sexy, SEXY in my hands. I was a little surprised about the silicon material, but I was expecting it after reading the reviews. I don’t mind the “sticky” nature of silicon, but the only negative thing I can say in regards to this case is about some slight peeling that is occurring in the silicon. Like it got a little bit of a sunburn, lol, but it isn’t a deal breaker and doesn’t particularly bother me.

  11. Anne Brady

    I love the look and streamlined nature of my cradl Bubble case. The silicone cover is sticky which means I never drop my phone but also makes it kind of hard to slip in and out of a pocket. I do that a lot when walking my dog. Not a huge problem but a tiny bit annoying at times. Quite happy with the case, though!

  12. Craig Ferrante

    I had purchased the bubbles case as a gift for a friend. It is unique and beautiful, just like her!

  13. Tennille

    I love the look and the feel of this case. It makes an awesome artful statement on my phone. It is…something different!

  14. Alisha Moore

    I ordered my case weeks ago. Was unhappy that I couldn’t keep track of my package. Once I notified the company one of the reps was very very helpful and kept me posted. Then it got to the point that the case never showed up. So she sent me out another one right away ! I got it fairly quickly. I was so excited to try it out. When I put it on my phone the sides of the case didn’t seem to have the protection I was hoping for. I love the fashion side of the case but as far as protection I’m not sure I can trust this case :confused:. Now I have a case I can’t even use with thinking I’m going to hurt my phone.

    • cradl.

      Hi Alisha- thank you so much for your review. We wanted to get back to you regarding your feedback, which is very important to us, about the sides of your cradl. case. We worked hard with our designers to come up with a case that allows edge-to-edge swiping of your screen, great for access to your notification center along with any “landscape” apps., maximizing your device’s versatility. By dropping down the sides slightly and building up the corners and ends just a little we have tried to accomplish this, while not compromising the durability of the case and the overall protection of your phone. In fact, we’re excited to have just received a utility patent from the United States Patent Office for the unique function of our case design!

      As with any case that’s open on the screen, we always encourage the use of a screen protector for all of life’s unexpected bumps!

  15. Marti

    I love this case! I did not have to wait long for it at all!

  16. Carlyn Rider

    Definitely worth the wait! What I love about it: the rubbery texture makes the phone easy to grip and prevents it from sliding around; less bulky; allows the color of the phone to show through; unique and fun design. I have had the case for several months with no damage to the phone. I do use a screen protector with it. Give this fabulous case a try!

  17. Wendy Jones

    I crazy love this case!
    Sexy design: The oh-so-cool design isn’t just easy on the eyes–it also allows for sliding a ten spot in between the case and the phone in case you get the munchies when you’re out for a hike.
    Great protection: No need to keep the phone sunny-side-up when it’s on a table–you can flip it over to keep your just-for-you texts private, and the raised corners of the case protect your screen from getting scratched. And because the case is lightweight and grippy, you’ll have fewer oops moments.
    Makes my butt look small: When you slide the phone in the back pocket of your jeans, there’s no added bulk. Thank you, slim profile–my butt has never looked better.

  18. Jana

    Love the way I can still see my rose gold iPhone with the purple bubbles case!

  19. JLawson

    Good case. Cute design and when i dropped it the phone was ok.

  20. LNM

    Great slim case, love the color. Seems protective without the bulky nature of some cases.

  21. Ashley Shires

    The design is creative and super functional – it’s so grippy that I barely ever drop my phone any more – and when I have dropped it, my phone was completely safe and protected. It’s a surprisingly tough little case in a light, airy package. I couldn’t be happier.

  22. Julia

    When I first saw these cases, I was blown away by how much more beautiful they are than your average phone case. The colors and the refined design got me to by the product. To my surprise and delight, this is also the most functional phone case I’ve ever had. It never slips off anything, it’s low profile enough that I can tuck it into all kinds of small pockets, and resilient enough to protect the phone on the two occasions I dropped it in the last few weeks. It can even hold a driver’s license and credit card in the back of the case. Nice work, cradl. Thanks for making it!

  23. MLopez

    I have had my new case on for about 10 days and I haven’t dropped it once. I get a better grip on it, and enjoy the lightness of not having a bulky case. I was a bit concerned when I first got it because it’s so light weight, but seems to be quite protective for what it is. The only thing is I wish it would slip into pockets with more ease, but it isn’t a big bother. I love the feel and design!!

  24. Emily

    cradl is the best phone case ever – especially for a clumsy, gesticulating, accident-prone person like myself. The material has a little grip to it which eliminates fumbles and the need to search car floorboards every time I come to a quick stop. I recently missed the opening of my bag sending my phone plunging to the pavement. Thanks to cradl my phone had a safe crash-landing and withstood the impact so well there was hardly a mark on the case either! I will be buying cradl cases for my friends and family who want to look good and have maximum protection.

  25. Chelle

    Love to the clolor, magnets/storm & the slim fit. Only drawback I see with this is the sides from corner to corner don’t hug like the top & bottom from corner to corner.

  26. Tim

    I just received my Violaceous/aqua 6 case and love it! Best features are the quality of the molding, the color options (so far removed from boring black and navy), and the fact that this competitively priced case is actually designed and manufactured in the US!

  27. Sarah

    This case is everything it claims to be! I love the colors and design, and it is so slim and lightweight – easy to carry in a pocket or slide into a wallet. The case is also easy to slip on and off, making it possible to have several and change them often! The only drawback for me is that the sides don’t quite cover the edges of the phone the way the ends do…something to think about for the next model?

  28. Donna Formell

    What a concept: cool, unique designs, vibrant color combos wedded with supreme function. Love it!

  29. Jan

    This new “jacket” for my new phone just makes me smile every time I look at it, cover up, on my various home surfaces. When I first saw all the color choices, I thought of Joseph’s coat of many colors. I now proudly have two more lovely Bubbles, and eagerly await my preorders for a Block, and a Tree when they are ready. I plan to change these jackets often, I am so pleased with their light weight and bright options away from just plain drab, utilitarian, and boring! Life is too short for that when there are many other choices!

  30. Tessia

    I just got 2 of the bubble cases for my birthday and I love them! Besides looking adorable, I love the protection it gives my phone without the bulk. I have 2 toddlers who always manage to get ahold of my phone and immediately drop it, and with the case, my phone is still good as new!! Thanks cradl. :blush:

  31. Natalya Walsworth

    I’ve gotten 2 so far and I love them! They are so slim and have such a fun look. They don’t slide around and seem to be really protective. Love the colors!!

  32. Jeremy B.

    I have been an avid Otterbox customer until my wife bought us a Cradl Case. I love the fact that the case is so slim but offers all of the support my old case gave. It doesn’t slip around and is way easier to carry in my back pocket. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!

  33. Ashley B.

    I just got my Cradl Case in the mail and absolutely love it! The design is so great and fits perfectly in my pocket or purse. Also love that I can put my debit card and ID in the back of it. Perfect for going out!

  34. george

    I bought my first cradl and showed it to a friend who loved the design so much I bought her one. Then she showed the new one to her mom who also loved it – so much so her mom kept it and I had to buy another!

  35. Kaycee

    I am absolutely in love with my cradl case!!! I love the fact that the back of my gold iPhone is able to be shown off and be protected at the same time. Also the colors are so vibrant and beautiful that I have already have been asked multiple times where I got it! I would definitely recommend this case to anyone.

  36. KRG

    OK, besides the joy factor the colorful Bubbles bring to me (I’m really not a phone person), I love that my phone no longer slides off my dash or car console AND I can slip my credit card, a $20, or driver’s license in the back and leave purse in car. What a concept! Not a teenager enters my home now without picking up my phone and commenting on “what a cool case”. Have ordered the Tree for husband. AND made in the USA!!! Go cradl!!

  37. Jennifer

    I love, love this phone case!! It has a unique design that is really pretty. Plus, it’s super slim not bulky. I’ve only had the case on my phone for two days and already three people have asked me where I got it!

  38. Adam

    As I watched my iPhone 6 cartwheel down a flight of stairs this morning, I was sure I would find a cracked screen. Thanks to my cradl. case it was good as new. Thanks cradl.!!!!

  39. Melissa Fioravanti

    I always wanted a phone case that was super sturdy and would also show the color of my awesome Gold Iphone 6! Why would I take the time to choose an Iphone color when no other cases show it?! The bonus of the excellent style is that it truly does absorb the shock of being dropped – which I have done – and is also slim. Some cases that protect well are just way too big and clunky. This case is gorgeous, practical, and affordable. I can’t wait for the Tree design to be released! Great product!

  40. Michael

    Finally!! A quality phone case that has Style and Protects the phone when it gets dropped (we all do). I like the fact that it doesn’t add much to the phone profile, I’m so tired of the “vault” cases that add all the bulk – I paid for a thin profile phone and I want to keep it that way – Thank You cradl!!! I just bought two for my daughter, different colors for different fashion situations.

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